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Illini Moms Cash Raffle

Will you be the big winner in 2024?


We are bringing back our reverse cash raffle for Moms Weekend 2024.  Only 400 tickets will be sold with 25 cash winners - that's at least a 1/16 chance to win a prize.  Tickets are $100 each and all proceeds go directly to the scholarship fund for UIUC students.  Join us live on Facebook as the suspense builds during this reverse raffle drawing on Sunday, April 14th.

What is a Reverse Raffle??

Great question!  Instead of the first ticket being the big winner, the last ticket left will be the grand prize winner.  Each ticket will be chosen one at a time, and as long as you haven't heard your name, you are still in the running for the grand prize!  Along the way there will be 24 other cash prizes drawn at predetermined positions. It's that one time you really want to be picked LAST!!!

Only 400 tickets available

$100 each

ONE $5,000 grand prize winner
THREE $1,000 winners
THREE $500 winners
EIGHT $250 winners
TEN $150 winners

***prize amounts are guaranteed if we sell 200 or more tickets

               If fewer than 200 tickets are sold by the time of the drawing on April 14th,

                   there will still be 25 cash winners, but prize amounts will be reduced

Create a scholarship in a loved one's name

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