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Centennial Raffle

Thank you for participating in the Cash Raffle benefitting the Moms Association Centennial Scholarship Fund. We appreciate your support! Because of your generosity, we awarded 37 scholarships to UIUC students in 2023. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

$5,000 grand prize winner

Kavita Casotti

$1,000 winners

Christine Mondero Corrales

Audrey Waltenburg

Debbie Hagel

$500 winners

Aimee Weber

Brenda Kublank

Anne Stehlik

$250 winners

Malvene Collins

Susan Reed

Kevin Schneider

Robin Miller

Robin Menard Netemeyer

Nicole Esposito

Sandy Fenili

Andrea Tirpak

$150 winners

Tina Newell

Debby Braet

Janet Wiesbrock

Ma Priscilla Eckert

Dorothy Farrow

Natalie Givans

Christine Corrales

Lisa Kleiner

Laura Stebbins

Mindy Finch

We will mail checks to the winners soon. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for supporting our Centennial Scholarship Fund.

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