Designed by Andersen Lewellyan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign student


This innovative planter comes with or without the option of a blooming plant for your special Mom*.  Watch video to see how it works!  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the University of Illinois Moms Association scholarship program.  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


* The choice of blooming plants will be based on availability and will be provided in good condition.

The Illini Upotic Planter

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  • My name is Andersen Lewellyan. I am a sophomore attending the University of Illinois where I am a James Scholar in the Gies Business School and in the PCT Business Fraternity.


    My Dad and I came up with an idea for a new planter and after a lot of research and many prototypes, the culmination is The Upotic Planter.


    We give my Mom a beautiful gift plant for Mother’s Day every year, but then we have to work to put it in the garden. We gave ourselves a chore! Hopefully it was planted in a good place and would thrive through the season, only to wither and die in the fall frost. Repeat next year. And the year after and so on. Expensive in so many ways.


    We thought, “What if you could just plant the flower in its planter right into the garden?” The first thing we decided was to get rid of the bottom, so that the plant could access the garden soil. Then we designed an edge to the bottom so that it can be easily twisted into the ground. And finally, we designed a full 3.5 inches at the base to go in-ground, giving the planter stability and protecting the plant from invasive growth. When the season changes, simply twist the Upotic Planter out of the ground and place it into the bottom cup. The plant will continue to thrive indoors and be ready to plant again in the spring.


    Creating a new product has been exhilarating and I have learned so much about production, fulfillment, marketing, the patent process, etc. Please send me any feedback you have of our product and our website as I continue to learn throughout the ordering and delivering process.