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​The Moms Association at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign is thrilled to introduce the Illini Moms Ambassador program!  Click here to join now or read below for more information.
What is the Illini Mom Ambassador program?
The Illini Moms Ambassadors are a volunteer committee of the Moms Association of the University of Illinois who build relationships with Moms and Mom figures of UIUC students (both in person and through social media), integrate into the UIUC community by attending on-campus events, and help the Moms Association volunteer in ways that make the UIUC experience a positive one for all families.
Why should I become an Illini Mom Ambassador?
Parental involvement is one of the best predictors for post-secondary educational aspirations and students give credit to their parents as supporters for college aspiration and it's a great way to stay in touch with your students' University, an excuse to visit campus, and support other moms!
Would I make a good Illini Moms Ambassador?
The role of an Illini Moms Ambassador is a very special one. Moms or Mom figures who are already volunteering, sharing experiences, and supporting one another, and whose students are active in the UIUC community are excellent candidates. We welcome parents who are representative of the diversity of UIUC.
What would I do?  
Illini Moms Ambassadors volunteer at activities sponsored by the Illini Moms or the Office of Parent and Family Programs. Ambassadors connect with families, form relationships, help each other create and sustain ties to the University, and become a part of their student’s college experience. There are a wide variety of opportunities from which Illini Moms Ambassadors may choose - according to your availability, skill, and comfort.

Examples of past events we have volunteer at:

  • Hosting events during Moms Weekend such as Moms Weekend Brunch in the Illini Union, Friday Night Event of Bowling in the Union (final events TBD - check back soon!)

  • Selling Illini Moms merchandise through out the year and at the Moms Weekend Art Fair during Moms Weekend...and online!  Shop now

  • Speaking to parents at the new student welcome day

  • Being a part of University sporting events such as throwing out the first pitch at an Illini baseball game

  • Being a part of the Homecoming Parade, student orientation day, yearly student memorial ceremony

  • Being a part of the University’s dialogue of change, such as the new architectural design of the Union

What is the commitment to the Illini Moms Ambassador Program?
  • Minimum one-year commitment to the Parent Ambassador Program.
  • Sign-up to volunteer at events and provide a positive experience for families of UIUC students
  • Assist in sharing information to Moms and families at events
  • Encourage involvement and participation from Moms and Mom figures that reflect UIUC’s diverse student population
  • Promote outreach initiatives and Mom Meetups
  • Follow us on social media, like and share our posts, read and forward our emails--these small but mighty virtual actions all really add up and allow us to grow our outreach to Illini families.
Ready to join?  
Just submit your name and email address, and we will contact you!  

Thank you for volunteering to be a part of the Illini Moms Ambassador Program. Your name will be added to a list of volunteers who will be contacted to help at future events.


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