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Will you be the big winner in 2024?


Our cash raffle sold 138 tickets this year.  Congratulations to the 25 winners and thank you for buying a ticket.  All proceeds from this raffle helped complete our centennial goal.  We awarded 62 scholarships on Saturday, April 13th 2024.  Add those to the 38 awarded in April of 2023 - 100 students received a $1000 scholarship in the two years that spanned our centennial celebration.  We can't say thank you enough to everyone who supported the Illini Moms in our various fundraisers or with donations over the last 2 years. 


WE did it - not just our association - but ALL of us together as parents, guardians, friends, alumni and supporters of UIUC students!

Congratulations to these 25 winners of the 2024 raffle:

Shanna Ratliff

Susan Reed

Shari Schmidt

Emily Mui

Beate Wilson

Narela Sanchez

Mary Kay O'Brien

Stephanie Bodine

Ronika Jandial-Gilbert

Jennifer Strezelczyk

Marie-Claude Payant

Thomas Ashton

Liliam Chiquito

Nancy Antol

Sandeep Kaur

Elaine Houlihan

Denise Daichendt

Narela Sanchez

Christine Fanelli

Christine Fanelli

Melanie Bruce

Liliam Chiquito

Nancy Antol

Danielle Dunaway

Cassandra Gay


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